Friday, August 8, 2014

Zucchinipalooza! 2014
Every gardener knows the story. It's a beautiful August morning. You've just poured the first cup of coffee. Standing over the sink, taking in the beautiful morning light through the kitchen window, you glance at your little plot and gasp. Good Lord! Where did all that come from?

Every gardener's neighbor knows the story, too. You open the front door, and there's one on the porch railing. You reach into the mailbox, and find a green giant stuffed in there with the Rent-A-Center circular. You climb into your car, and find four of the things on the passenger seat. By the time clock at work, there is a carton piled high with a sign begging, "Take all you want. Please!"

It's Zucchini season. You cant escape them, so you might as well learn to love this meaty, tasty, giant squash while they are plentiful and vine fresh. Here are a few ways you can celebrate...


(I hope you'll share your own favorite recipes in the comments section!)

Zucchini Fritters,
Zucchini Cobbler,
Pici with Summer Squashes and Tarragon,

Chilled Curry Zucchini Soup,

Zucchini and Spinach Lasagna,

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