Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Amy's Story... #becauseY

I didn't write this. It is an email from  my boss, Jeannie Thé. As you read Amy's Y story, see how the YMCA is working every day to help people fight for their lives. I don't think Amy would mind me telling you that she is not a rich lady. But she was moved to do something pretty special that will help her neighbors write their own Y stories. I hope you will join her.

“I started Livestrong program at the Y in 2014 after having 3 cancer surgeries. While into the program I got sick….and had to have another surgery….after the surgery in May of 2014 I became so depressed and nothing seemed to bring me out of the depression that I was in…

Well one day I was thinking of ending my life……….

Then it came to me about the Livestrong program that I was in before I got sick again, and how much I enjoyed it and knew it was helping me. Well I called the North YMCA and talked to Dave and he told me ‘yes” I could come back to Livestrong and the new class was starting in a week.
So I had hope again. Praise God.
I started Livestrong and the leaders Bob and Marian have been so great and caring. Because of Livestrong and the leaders and the other people in the program I feel like I have a reason to live again. Livestrong has saved my life and I am so grateful for Livestrong.
Thank you Bob, Marian and thank you YMCA for the Livestrong program.”

I was blown away when Amy shared her story with me just before last week’s board meeting and she handed me a wad of cash.  Amy has been saving $1 bills and she is so grateful to the Y she donated 100 $1 bills to the 2015 Annual Giving Campaign. Amy’s story, and the many other Y stories, is why we all do what we do.

Jeannie Thé
Executive Director
North Lexington Family YMCA
381 W. Loudon Avenue
Lexington, KY 40508

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