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Habitat for Humanity Shamrock Shuffle 3K
This race is one of my favorites. It's on or around St. Patrick's day in Lexington and I always think of it as the official beginning of my spring racing season.

2009: Now that's a Fat Man Running. I could barely
finish the 1.8 miles on this cold, rainy day.

2012: I used this run to
raise money for Actors' Guild of Lexington.
2011: First race after cancer. Still can't stand
to finish without checking my watch. 
Bluegrass 10000
This Lexington July 4th celebration was my first 10K, and my last race before joining LIVESTRONG at the YMCA in July 2011.
2011, about a mile from the finish

2012 Hot, hot, hot! (The weather, not my shorts...)
Midsummer Night's Run 5K
In some ways, my favorite race of the year. Finishing on Main Street under the lights with the crowd cheering you on is one of the coolest experiences I know.
2011, My first race with LaDonna (in green) and Lynno,
two sisters from LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

2012, the night Mum tripped and fell over a curb while waiting
 for me to cross the finish line. Still this boy's best friend.
If I have any toughness in me, here's who it came from.
Iron Horse Half Marathon
When my coaches at the Y asked if I had any goals after cancer, I told them that I wanted to finish this race. Melissa, Carrie, and Chelsea made sure I did it.
2011 finishing kick. My last race without the YMCA logo

2012, What a new PR in the Half feels like
Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon.
They call it "one of America's prettiest." I think they're being modest.
2011, first finish over the brutal Bluegrass hills.

2012, and look who's loving the course.
2012 Pittsburgh Marathon
You never forget your first.

Getting ready to race with 25,000 of my
closest friends.
The names of every sponsor were written somewhere on my body.
We raised over $3600 for LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.

My sister can't believe this many people are awake at this hour.
And that none of them are smoking!

Never give up. Never, never, never, never never.

I would have been in incredible pain, if only my brain had
been functioning. Now to find an Iron City or two. Or ten.
2013 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
My second big one. And a new PR by almost 40 minutes.
At the expo with one of the mascots.

For Becky. She's the one who got me up and down
the slopes of Cincinnati.
Innocent and happy.
I had no idea how tough this course would be.

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