The Pennsyltuckian Family of Blogs

Run Bob, Run
Flagship of the Pennsyltuckian fleet, Run Bob, Run is my go-to blog for daily observations about wellness and living well.

The Facebook group for all things Pennsy.

Bluegrass Wellness Digest
The newest addition to the Pennsyltucky family of blogs, this little magazine will point you toward articles that will help you improve the health and strength of your mind, body, and spirit. May it bless you.

My online library of recipes, resources for eating, sleeping, and training, treating injuries, staying motivated, and just cool stuff that tickles me.

Since 2010, I has been a participant and trainer with the LIVESTRONG  at the YMCA program at the North Lexington Family YMCA. This page is a fundraiser on that has raised over $11,000 to support that program.

The original: my first blog. Lots of words. Lots of ideas. Too much self satisfaction, I'm afraid. The time came when I had to let this one go for a while, but now its the place where I share meditations on my spiritual journey, including living with Major Depression Disorder.

Fat Man Running
Started out as a fitness blog, but when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, it became the story of how a group of dear friends and I came together to fight for my life.



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